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LetMeHearYa is the Next Generation Technology

Are you tired of the same broadcasters on your TV mindlessly rambling or not properly conveying the action in front of them? How would YOU call the game differently? Some of us wish to one day be the play-by-play or color commentator for their favorite sports or sports teams.

What if I were to tell you that dream could become a reality TODAY? LetMeHearYa is your answer then.

Founded by Ryan Granner and operated along with Thomas Kramer, LetMeHearYa is a free site where anyone wishing to become the next big sports commentator or the average Joe that wants to comment on their favorite team or sport can broadcast any game with just a TV and a computer.

I spoke to Thomas Kramer and asked what the mission statement is for a concept that allows for anyone, anywhere from the comfort of their couch to broadcast a sporting event.

"LetMeHearYa was born out of necessity – the need to find an alternative to listening to the broadcasters on TV – just couldn't’t take the same boring, repetitive commentary anymore, said Kramer. So, who better to listen to broadcast games than real fans, who are rooting for our teams, who are funny, who are stats gurus, who are exactly what fans want to listen to. Options for every game are what we are creating. So, we created a platform to allow anyone to broadcast their own commentary LIVE during any sports event on TV. Now fans can choose the broadcaster tailored to what they want to listen to. And here’s the magic – Listeners can sync up the audio from their computer to their TV."

The site has a very user-friendly interface, allowing the broadcaster to control and edit the segments used, when to start and end commercials and the complete autonomy on what's said. The beauty of LetMeHearYa is the broadcaster doesn't have to be limited to strictly "play-by-play." If the user wants to just add color commentary, analysis or even just talk like they're sitting at the bar enjoying the game, all of it is fair game.

The biggest beneficiaries are the listeners, who will find a variety of angles to choose from for their favorite sporting events. Don't want to listen to the major network broadcasters for a Heat-Lakers game? Perhaps LetMeHearYa's broadcaster for that game will have you more engaged, more informed or get you to laugh while you watch hoops. All they have to do is mute their TV, find a LetMeHearYa broadcaster and enjoy.

It's a bold, fresh idea still in its infancy, but with continued support and some exposure, LetMeHearYa has the chance to be a valuable tool for aspiring sports broadcasters by allowing a vehicle for practice to hone their talents in search of a dream job, or the fans who want their sports opinions to be heard. 

"There are a lot of people out there who have great, valuable, and entertaining things to say during sporting events, but they have never had such an opportunity before to do so in a live setting, Kramer said. LetMeHearYa aims to give them that chance."

…I came across their website before 2012 ended, and I have to say I find the idea awesome. I haven't found the time to do it, but when I do I plan on broadcasting some hockey games in the future. It has the potential to be…simply perfection.

…Thinking of blending Doc Emerick, Mike Lange, Rick Jennerret a Sam Rosen into once voice. Could be epic.

…Thomas and Ryan are good people, and the point of this article to get the word out for them. If anyone reading this is interested in signing up to broadcast, it's free and easy. The site has a Twitter as well @LetMeHearYa.

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