“Lambo” Open Thread: 7/29/13

If you've been to enough Ranger games, or if you're just a stalker, you've probably seen Henrik Lundqvist's Lamborghini Gallardo around the streets of Manhattan. You may have to look a little bit harder next time as Lundqvist's car went through some upgrades during this past season as shown on Performance Industries Facebook page.

"…This time Mr. Lundqvist wanted something a little different. He wanted to keep the matte finish but was tired of black. After some brain storming sessions, the evil genius formulated a medium gunship grey metallic. The matte finish, with the metallic flake will make this car stand out in the current sea of Gallardo's."

Seriously, how sweet is this thing? For today's open thread, for a moment think about what dream car you would like to have to drive to work everyday. Hopefully Henrik won't have any problems navigating the Saw Mill on his way to practice with the new upgrades.

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