Kristo, Lindberg Score In Wolfpack Win

With the Rangers breaking through with a much needed victory Saturday night, most of the calls from Rangers fans to bring up Danny Kristo and Oscar Lindberg have subsided. At least for now.

However, Kristo and Lindberg continued to put pressure on Rangers players such as Taylor Pyatt and Dom Moore to perform as they played an integral part in the Wolfpack's 4-3 over Hershey on Saturday night.

Kristo scored his sixth goal in nine games this season, while Lindberg scored his first professional goal and also added an assist (5th of the season). Here's the video (Lindberg at 53 second mark; Kristo at 2 minute mark)…

…with Rangers to likely make some roster moves to free up cap space to facilitate the return of Hagelin this week, it is even less likely that either of these guys is recalled anytime soon.

…i felt Pyatt had one of his better games in Detroit, however, his undisciplined penalty at the end of the second period almost sabotaged a great Rangers effort. So, despite AV's man crush on Pyatt, I think he remains vulnerable to being either waived or traded.

…and if he is, you have to assumed Kristo or Lindberg would be in line to replace him. Especially, if the Rangers continue to struggle on offense.

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