Kreider Tip Helps Rangers Survive Another Day

One thing about Chris Kreider that has always sort of bothered me is that he's a bit aloof. He doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve and he looks borderline bored sometimes out on the ice. But man that all changed with one re-direction goal to give the Rangers a Game 4 overtime victory and keep them alive in their best of seven series to the Bruins. Just check out the above pic. Pretty fired up just looking at it.

Here's the goal, which was an absolute thing of beauty…

…i think we're learning that at this point in his career, Kreider needs to be on a line with talent to be effective. He''s not  ready to be the focal point of the line just yet. Hopefully after last night, Tortorella is finally realizing this as well and the Rangers can start having some consistent offense in this series.

…oh yeah, sweet pass from Nash.

Here's Kreider on the winner (via New York Post)…

“It wasn’t on my stick a very long time. Nash kind of used me as a backstop, and that’s what great players do.”

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