Kreider Shows Off In Front of Torts

Last season, Chris Kreider became very familiar with the drive from Hartford to New York City as the he was bounced around between the Rangers and their AHL affiliate all season long as John Tortorella never fully trusted the organization's #1 prospect.

Welp, in Tortorella's return to MSG, Kreider looked like he wanted his former coach to know first hand what he's capable of doing at the NHL level…

Here's Kreider on if he had any extra motivation in front of the coach who never showed confidence in him (via Bergen Record)….

“I would have struggled trusting me, too. There’s no hard feelings. I learned a lot from him. At the end of the day, it’s two points and we’re happy to come away with the win.”

…yeah right. I'm sorry, I don't believe Kreider for a second. No way it's a coincidence he had his best day as a pro with Torts in the house.

…although, finally having Nash opening up ice for him on his opposite wing probably didn't hurt either. It's about time AV started listening to the readers on this blog.

…Kreider does bring up a great point as he wasn't even close to playing at this level in either Hartford or the NHL last season or in the preseason this year. Biggest difference is his willingness to go into the dirty areas to score goals.

So, what was Torts' reaction to Kreider's hat trick…

…you mad Torts?

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