Kreider Not Letting Mixed Signals Get Him Down

There's been a lot of criticism from Rangers fans of the Blueshirts' handling of Chris Kreider this early season.

He's been scratched, sent to the Whale, called back up and juggled throughout the line-up. But Kreider says he's not going to worry about it (via Daily News)…

"I treat it like every other thing I need to work on. I have to have the same mindset when I get to the rink every day and go back to work because anything can happen. The next day you can be back up and playing big minutes. You could be down there for a while. It's not anything you can control. If you start worrying about the stuff you can't control, it's very easy to get thrown off and get bent out of shape and all of a sudden you're not playing the game and you're worrying."

Kreider adds that he likes to think he's mentally tough.

…one thing I've always been impressed with is Kreider's attitude. He seems like a kid who has his head on straight and won't step out of line. He knows that nothing is given to you  for free in the NHL and that ice time must be earned.

…having said that, I need more emotion and passion from the kid. He almost looks lost out there sometimes. I mean, zero shots on goal last night? Meanwhile, Ottawa's stud rookie Silfverberg was all over the ice last night.

…still not giving up on Kreider or ready to call him a bust, but I'd like to see at least some flashes of what we saw from him during the playoffs last year.

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