Kreider is Strong; McIlrath Wants To Give Coaches Tough Decision

How strong is Chris Kreider? This strong…

So AV, what do you think about your talented young winger and his pool tricks?…

“You talk about power. I didn’t want to hear a lot because I wanted to see and get a feel for myself, but there you have a young man that’s full of potential. I think it’s our job, when I say ours myself, my coaches, management and his, to become the best player he can be. What that is I don’t know right now, but any guy that can jump out of the pool like that has got a lot of power and a lot of strength. He’s definitely got something to work with there."

…Kreider may be able to make a splash in the pool, but it's about time he starts to do it on the ice as well. With Cally and Hagelin out for the first month and the real potential of Stepan holding out into the season, Kreider is going to be counted on to provide consistant offense. The skill is obviously there. We just have to hope that AV's system will finally have him reaching his potential.

Speaking of young guys trying to make an impression during camp, here's Dylan McIlrath on pushing for a roster spot (via Blueshirts United)…

"They've got a lot of veteran d-men, and if I am going to make this team I'm going to have to beat a really good player out. I just want to make the coaches and management have a tough decision.”

…that's all you can really ask from McIlrath in camp. I think he has absolutely no chance of making the opening night roster, but it would be real nice to see him putting some heat on guys like Del Zotto and Stralman, who have the potential to be replaceable during the season.

…McIlrath is a former number one pick, so if he impresses in camp and then continues that strong play for the Wolfpack, I think the Rangers will find a way to get him on the roster that lacks real toughness.

McIlrath added that his knee is 100% after dislocating it last summer.

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