Kreider, Asham, Gilroy Out; Newbury, Bickel, Eminger In

Jim Cerny at adds that Kris Newbury will also be in the line-up.

…i know with a shortened season, it's hard to give Kreider too long of a leash to figure this out, but I thought they'd give him another chance. Although, as I mentioned in my previous post, tonight could get out of hand physically and the Rangers might just be protecting him.

…while I'd normally critique a line-up including Rupp, Bickel and Newbury, Torts has done the correct thing making sure there's enough protection for his skill players from the Flyer goon squad.

…also, what's up with Asham? These are the games he was brought in for and he's missing it for precautionary reasons?

Here's Ryan Callahan on Kreider's struggles (via Bergen Record)…

“(Kreider) is young still, everybody had these expectations on him coming off the playoffs he had. But he’s still young he’s still learning but you can see how good he’s going to be, he’s got a lot of size, his speed, his shot. You’ve just got to be patient with a young guy and realize he’s still learning the game, the speed of it. He’s going to be good.”

…being sent down to the minors early in his career did wonders for Callahan, so it might not be the worst thing in the world for Kreider.

Kreider touches on what he needs to work on…

"They do a really good job in the AHL of instituting a very similar defensive zone system. Here it’s obviously much more detail oriented. I don’t think the spotlight has anything to do it with it. I think it has to do with play and the speed of the play itself. It makes for completely different reads, different reaction times. I think I’m starting to pick it up and positive going forward that I can improve on my defensive zone.”

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