Kovalchuk Retires

Got to love when a player would rather forfeit $77 million than play for the Devils. Well that's just what Ilya Kovalchuk did today.

In the long run, it probably helps the Devils as instead of paying him $6.667 million per year until 2025, they'll just have a $250,000 cap hit for those years. Not bad. Although the Devils will still be losing their #1 pick next year because they tried to circumvent the salary cap with Kovalchuk's contract.

So in honor of Kovalchuk retiring, I put together this montage of my favorite moments…





…to me this seems suspect. Devils would have had to payout more if they used compliance buyout on Kovalchuk. Assuming they knew the whole time and decided on the most fiscally responsible thing for themselves.

…the Devils have now lost Parise, Clarkson and Kovalchuk the last two years. Got to love it. But we Rangers fans know all too well that somehow, someway, they'll find a way back into the playoffs this season.

…assuming the Devils five season ticket holders aren't going to be happy about this news.

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