Keep An Eye on Torts/McGuire Interview Tonight

While, I'm more than confident there will be fireworks on the ice tonight, according to Bob Raissman at the Daily News there might be some off it as he explains how NBC reporters Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire went after John Tortorella for his Hagelin "stinks" comments before and during Game 3…

“And I haven’t heard John Tortorella take responsibility for a power play that’s had (Rick) Nash, (Marian) Gaborik, (Brad) Richards, a whole host of good-looking defensemen, and can’t get anything done,” Milbury said. “I think it’s time for John Tortorella to take a look at how he’s coaching this thing.”

This was just the initial shot. With the Rangers on (another) unsuccessful power play in the first period, Pierre McGuire, NBC’s game analyst, pulled the verbal bat from Milbury’s mouth and clubbed Tortorella.

“Throwing your player (Hagelin) under the bus at this time of year — no, I’m not buying it,” McGuire said. “(The power play) has been a problem all season long. It’s the schematic that’s wrong. Not the players.”

Raissman wonders if Tortorella had been informed of these comments before his brief exchange with McGuire during their in-game interview…

Raissman ends by stating that if Tortorella wasn't aware of Milbury and McGuire's verbal jabs before the above exchange, he likely knows by now and it could get heated tonight if the Rangers heads coach even bothers to participate in mandatory in-game interview.

…as if I wasn't fired up about tonight's game enough, I'd kill to see Torts bitch slap McGuire on national television. Talk about must see TV.

…unfortunately, I think Raissman is trying to make something out of nothing and I don't expect much in the way of a confrontation tonight.

…i think Torts has bigger fish to fry, like getting his team back into this series.

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