Islander Hate, Part II

The last time Rangers/Islanders had any real juice was in the early 2000s when Theo Fleury and the Czechmates were running things (aka "The Dark Years"). And there was one imagine that defined the rivalry at that time…

…oh Fleury. If you weren't hungover all the time maybe you could have helped the team actually make the playoffs back then. I kid Theo. Actually his numbers during his three seasons on Broadway were pretty good. Too bad the "Chicken Dance" and punching the San Jose mascot will define his time with the Rangers.

Here's video of the events leading up to Fleury's antics…

…McCarthy flexing and pointing at his bicep is still one of the great all time taunts I've seen in sports. Unreal.

…and btw, Steve McKenna? Really, Rangers? Really? Man they sucked back then.

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