Islanders 4, Rangers 3, SO

The New York Rangers (7-5-1) lost to the New York Islanders (5-7-1) by the score of 4-3 in a shootout. For a box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

… first off, sorry for the late recap. Bad night for the Rangers, even worse for TheNYRBlog. My kids have had the flu all week and it hit me last night, while Adam, who was going to fill-in, lost internet access. Just a complete cluster-F.

…to the game, obviously Brian Boyle's fault the Rangers lost. lol. In all seriousness, I told Torts not to mess with success. I'm not saying the Rangers win with Kreider still in the line-up, but it's too easy to criticize Torts now.

…the change in line-up also muddied the Miller decision. Based on the last few games it looks like it might be better to send him back. But having said that, maybe he would have been better last night if he played with Kreider. Again, another reason Torts should have just left the line-up.

…can someone explain to me why Biron was so deep in the crease all night? Not aggressive at all. If he played at the top of the crease he easily saves two of the three regulation goals.

…officially the worst power play in NHL history. And they scored last night.

…Nash absolutely undresses Rask on a ridiculous deke the other night and then just shoots at Nabakov last night. C'mon Rick, you've got moves use them.

…how many more years on that Richards contract?

…Halpern finally becoming the face-off guy we thought he was with a 11-for-14 effort.

…it really is amazing how Nash has turned around Hagelin and Stepan's games. Hagelin has looked like a legit All Star the last week.

…Capitals visit MSG on Sunday.

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Islanders 4, Rangers 3, SO

The New York Rangers (38-15-6) lost to the New York Islanders (26-17-8) by the score of 4-3 in a shootout, tonight. For a boxscore and recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

…please don’t tell me the decision to trade for Nash will be based on the result of a skills competition.

…never fun to the lose to the Islanders but have to give the Rangers credit for being able to grind out at least a point against a very motivated Islanders team.

…not sure if it has to do with Biron’s game preparation but man he struggles in the the first period. He’s also putrid in the shootout.

…remember when Gaborik was so bad in the shootout Torts used Jokinen ahead of him with the season on the line two years ago. It looks like he’s been practicing. And he scored on a deke!

…speaking of bad in the shootout, I thought Richards was supposed to be good at this. 0 for 8 on the season.

…Staal looking real confident on the offensive end, which is great to see.

…dreadful defensive change on the Parenteau goal. Who, by the way, I want to punch in the face every time he celebrates a goal against the Rangers. Which unfortunately is more than I’d like.

…c’mon Del Zotto know the rules of the game you play for a living.

…Torts needs to find a way to get Hagelin (12:30) and Mitchell (10:52) more ice time.

…anyone else think that was a terrible boarding call on Callahan?

…nice return to the defense for Bickel with an assist, a +1, four hits and a fight.

…power play proving it doesn’t need Nash to be successful.

…right back at it tomorrow night at MSG against the Sabres.

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