Islander Hate, Part III

So, the last two days I've posted some pretty good Rangers/Islanders videos, but with puck drop just hours away, I decided to step up my game and post the creme de la creme Rangers/Islanders rivalry videos.

And while the Theo Fleury may have defined the rivalry in the early 2000s with his "Chicken Dance," nothing captures the hatred between the two franchises more than what happened at the end of Game 1 of the Patrick Division Semi-Finals back in 1990 when Isles coach Al Arbour put out his goon squad with just seconds remaining in the Rangers 2-1 victory to get revenge for James Patrick's hit on Pat LaFontaine that knocked him out of the series just minutes before.

Here's the video…

…as a young Rangers fans at that time, I was obviously not fond of the Islanders, but this incident began my utter hatred and disdain of the Fishsticks.

…looking back on it now, you've got to feel for Jeff Bloemberg, who was basically the sacrificial lamb after Neilson took all his top players off the ice once he knew what Arbour was up to.

…and for those of you who wanted to know how rowdy it was at the Garden back then, LaFontaine was delayed getting to the hospital after the game because Rangers fans mobbed his ambulance and tried to tip it over. These days the Garden crowd would probably act as escorts to make sure he got to the hospital as quick as possible.

And, of course, what would a Rangers/Islanders rivalry video montage be without this…

…Cloutier should be honored before every Rangers/Islanders game at MSG just because of that beating of Salo.

…and how about Langdon going at it with Chara?

…man I'd kill to see something like this tonight, but I won't hold my breath because those days are long gone.

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