Is This the Rangers 2013 Schedule?

Yesterday, a possible 2013 Rangers schedule was making its way around Twitter. I had my doubts as the schedule stated 2012 in the body of it instead of 2013. But as the reader who sent it to me, John B., said "It took NHL til Jan. to agree to a deal that was basically in place in Oct. There are bigger typos that would surprise me less." Great point, so I decided to post it below…

…oof, got to say that is one compact schedule. They're basically playing four games a week all season. As a fan you've got to love the amount of hockey we're going to be seeing in such a short period of time. No five day breaks. Not so sure some players will agree with that excitement. Especially after yet another three games in four nights stretch.

…also based on this, the Rangers would play the Penguins and Flyers five times and the Devils and Islanders just four.

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