Is the Rangers Goal Song Jinxed?

David Caldwell at the Wall Street Journal points out that the Rangers haven't won a Stanley Cup since they changed their goal-celebration song to "Slap Shot" back in January of 1995.

Caldwell notes that the Rangers' goal song, which was performed by a local rock group called Bad Apple and written by MSG music director & organist Ray Castoldi is widely considered to be the gold standard in the NHL…

"What Castoldi wrote was a 92-second song, only about 35 to 40 seconds of which are played after the Rangers score, with guitars and a strong beat. There is a triumphant element to it—which fans of other teams have found to be somewhat obnoxious. Tim Beach, the Islanders' vice president of operations, said Wednesday of the song, 'Anytime I hear it, I know it's not a good thing. Less is always more!'"

Here's a couple of renditions at their finest…

Whoa-oh-ohhhh,Whoa-oh-ohhhh, Whoa-oh-ohhhh. Hey…hey-hey-hey-hey. Sorry I had to. Absolutely love the goal song and found this article about the background of it fascinating.

…while Caldwell might be correct that the Rangers are Cupless since the song was introduced, I don't think it's being scrapped anytime soon.

…let's hope Rangers fans are singing this song early and often tonight.

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