Is Lundqvist Playing With a Concussion?

In the last week, Henrik Lundqvist has taken a Dan Girardi elbow to the head as well as slap shots off the helmet from Michael Ribiero and Luke Schenn. Now, after the 5-2 win in Philly last night he is again complaining of headaches (via Bergen Record)…

"It was just my head. I was just thinking if the shot bothered me, got little headaches, then I felt better, but it was still bad. You build up something. It’s just mental. You have to put it aside and tell yourself “You’re fine. Go out and play” and after five or ten minutes you start to feel better."

Lundqvist added that he didn't feel great before the game and has been off the last two days.

Lundqvist also said he had headaches after the Girardi elbow last week and looked woozy after the Ribiero shot on Sunday night.

…whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa….what? If Lundqvist is playing with recurring headaches after the shots he's taken to the head recently, someone on the Rangers medical staff has some explaining to do. How in the world could the Rangers justify clearing Lundqvist to play after everything they've seen with Staal, Sauer and Boogaard?

…and if it's Lundqvist not telling the Rangers medical staff that he's experiencing headaches then shame on him. I know athletes like to be tough, but there's a big difference between being tough and being dumb.

…what's odd, is that with the way the two goaltenders played last night you would have thought Bryzgalov was the one with the concussion.

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