In Case You Were Wondering, Donald Brashear Is Still An Idiot

He sucker punched Aaron Ward. He destroyed Blair Betts' face with a blindside hit. He ate up cap space and was the epitome of irrelevance before blaming the Rangers and demanding a trade during his (thankfully) short time with the Rangers.

There are many reasons to despise Donald Brashear. And now we can add one more. The 41 year old Brashear is currently plating in the LNAH, which is essentially Quebec's version of the movie Slapshot. It's truly boxing on skates moreso than it is ice hockey. Yet in a league full of goons, Brashear managed to stand out yesterday with an exceptionally disgusting sucker punch. Here's the footage:

Let's first discuss how pathetic he looks on the ice. I know he is 41,  but come on. There are beer league players who can skate faster than he can. Bernie Parent looked more agile during the Winter Classic Alumni Game. 

And then of course there's the brutal attack from behind that Todd Bertuzzi would be proud of. Playing in a league known for fighting doesn't excuse a move that could cripple or brain damage an unsuspecting person. He deserves to face criminal charges for that move and should be banned from the league; and frankly, hockey altogether.