If Redden Gets Injured Rangers Can’t Buy Him Out

Bob McKenzie at TSN reports that according to the new CBA if Wade Redden were to be injured while playing with the Whale or the Rangers this season and it carried over into the summer the Blueshirts would be ineligible to buy him out.

Based on that information, McKenzie gives this advice to the Rangers…

"Put him in bubble wrap, cold storage and call it a year. Make sure his cheques show up on time and wait for the compliance buyout period this summer and cut all ties."

…remember the other day when I said, "if Redden is going to count against the Rangers cap anyway, why not give him a chance to win a roster spot in camp." Welp, this is exactly "why not."

…obviously, there is no way the Rangers can risk playing him this season at any level.

Pierre LeBrun at ESPN.com feels that best way for Redden to catch on with another team would be to void his contract and begin anew as a free agent.

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