How I Want to Remember Torts

With John Tortorella being fired there's been a lot of posting of his top 10 media outbursts, but for me I'd rather post this video which shows how much the success of the Rangers organization meant to him…

…listen, I don't have my head in the sand when it comes to Tortorella's shortcomings. The power play was abysmal, his failure to adapt his system to the Rangers new personnel was the main reason for the team's roller coaster season and he creates his own problems with the media with his disrespectful attitude. But I truly felt the guy cared about the long term success of the franchise and had a plan in place to turn the Rangers into a perennial Stanley Cup contender by building from within. The first wave of that process was creating a core of home grown talent (ie Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi, Lundqvist), developing youngsters like Stepan, McDonagh, Del Zotto and Hagelin while filling in the holes through free agency with talented, character veterans. With that now in place, the next wave of young players were on their way in the form of Kreider, Miller, Thomas and McIlrath to add much needed depth and continue the building process. With Torts now gone, does that process continue or will the next head coach be allowed to implement their own master plan? I'd really like to know, because I felt Torts organizational building strategy was perfect, but it was his inability to adapt to the strengths of his players that was the problem.

…i also have to wonder if Sather, who could also find himself on the hot seat soon, might start to become impatient if Kreider has another up and down season and McIrath isn't ready to make the jump the NHL. In my opinion it would be devastating if Sather started destroying what Tortorella implemented for a win now mentality to save his own job. See pre-lockout Sather.

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