How About That Pass From Zuccarello?

In the first few weeks of the season, the Rangers could barely complete a pass, now they have Mats Zuccarello working his Hobbit magic to drop ridiculous dimes like this…

…there's not too many players in the league with the creativity and/or skill to even attempt a pass like that. Unreal.

…if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I was vehemently against the Rangers originally signing Zuccarello in 2010. And while I was initially correct with my skepticism, his second run on Broadway has forced me to do a 180. The kid has turned into one of the better play makers in the NHL, who won't back down from anyone. Just ask George Parros.

…when the Kreider-Stepan-Zuccarello line is given space, there's not many teams in the league who are going to be able to stop them. The issue now, will be when an opponent is able to neutralize their speed as the Ducks did the other night, can they make the proper adjustments. We shall see.

And while that line gets all the glory, one player who continues to put his head down and get the job done is Brian Boyle, who has easily had the most under-rated season of any Ranger player this year.

He wins faceoffs (57%), he does a tremendous job on the penalty kill, he forechecks and finally, last night, he was rewarded with his first goal of the season…

…i'm always baffled when Rangers fans lump Boyle in with Pyatt's awfulness. Yes, they're both big, slow players who rarely use their size to dominate physically. However, as I mention above, Boyle does the little things that teams need to win in the NHL. Not everyone needs to score, but everyone does need to know their role and execute it perfectly. Which is exactly what Boyle is doing.

Reader Annoying Joe snapped this pic of Boyle celebrating after his goal last night…

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