Torts Talks Facing Former Team; Players on Former Coach

John Tortorella will make his triumphant return to MSG this afternoon, when his Vancouver Canucks take on the Rangers. Here's Torts on facing his old team…

Here's Torts on what he hopes happens today…

After yesterday's 3-2 loss to the Bruins, a number of Rangers players discussed facing their old coach (via Bergen Record)…

Ryan Callahan…

“I haven’t even thought about it. We’ve been on the road for forever, it now seems. It’s an old coach. You’ve had these situations before…To be honest with you, you (the media) put more into it than it actually is. As players, it’s another game. You go into it and worry about the systems and the things they do. It’s no who’s behind the bench.”

Ryan McDonagh…

“He taught me a lot and I owe him a lot of credit for helping me get to where I am and he definitely gave me my first opportunity so I can’t thank him enough.”

Mats Zuccarello (via New York Post)…

“Probably it will be a more emotional game for the two coaches. I’m sure everyone in here is going to do whatever it takes to get the game for our coach.”

Both Brad Richards and Henrik Lundqvist said they haven't thought about.

…everyone involved can pooh-pooh this all they want, but I'm sorry this is a big deal for all involved. If you don't think Torts wants to come into MSG and ram a win up his former boss' ass, you didn't really get to know the man when he patrolled things from behind the Rangers bench. 

…as far as the Rangers players go, I'm sure they want to prove to their old coach that they're better off without him. Richards and Lundqvist have got to be kidding me saying they haven't thought about it. They're probably the two biggest reasons Torts was fired.

…will be interesting to see the reaction at MSG. I know if I was in attendance, I'd definitely give him a standing ovation. He not only guided a Rangers team to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1997, he also changed the entire culture of the organization from one who attempted to buy a championship team to one that tried to build a winner from within.

…and let's also not forget that this will be AV's first regular season game against his old team, so I'm sure he'll have some of the same emotions that Torts does.

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