“Hall of Fame” Open Thread: 7/14/13

So, Mr. Kevin DeLury emailed myself, James and Adam on this past Friday night and informed us that he would be taking the week off to personally see that Ilya Kovalchuk makes it safely back to his new home in St. Petersburg, Russia. So while Kevin is away, the remaining three of the us will assume control of the blog for the next 5 days as we wait for anything NYR related to come across the wire.

For today's open thread… in light of Kovalchuk leaving for Russia, there's been some chatter that Kovy is worthy of a Hall of Fame nomination. At the expense of commiting heresy, my hypothetical question for you guys is this….

If Henrik Lundqvist randomly decided on Monday that he wanted to return to Gothenburg to play for the Frölunda Indians again, has Hank done enough in 8 years to warrant a nomination into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

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