Goonies Never Say Die

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Chris Kreider any more after his Game 4 overtime winner, he dropped this bomb when asked about the Rangers chances in this series after the game (via NHL.com)…

“Goonies never say die.”

…amazing! Seriously, has any professional athlete ever used that line before? In my opinion, it needs to be used more. Should easily be the Rangers motto for the remainder of the playoffs.

While not as inspiring, I also loved Henrik Lundqvist’s post game quote as well…

“I told the guys before the game there was no way we were losing this game. We want to keep playing. We owe it to ourselves, to our fans. All our focus today was just on this game. Now we move our focus to the next game and the first period of that game. We will see how far that takes us.”

…if I was a Rangers player and heard Lundqvist give that speech, I’d run through the wall for that guy. Unfortunately, the real players somehow weren’t motivated by it as they came out flat in Game 4. How is that possible?

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