Gaborik Hasn’t Scored vs. Anyone Other Than the Islanders Since Jan. 26th

That's correct folks, if the Islanders didn't exist (which is almost the case now anyway), Marian Gaborik wouldn't have a goal since scoring two against the Maple Leafs on January 26th.

In fact, Gaborik's eight goals this season have come in just five games, three of which are against the Islanders (2g vs. Toronto on 1/26, 3g vs. Bruins on 1/23). Yes, in 24 games this year Gaborik has scored a goal against just three separate opponents.

While Gaborik does have five points in the last five games, only one of those points is a goal and the last time I checked Gaborik wasn't signed to set-up his teammates up.

…despite Gaborik's underwhelming start to the season, I'm still not buying into the rumors that the Rangers are looking to move him. They'll never get equal value and his NTC will be hard to get around. Plus I really do think the Rangers need him. Yes, he is nowhere near his 41-goal form of last season, but he's still a premiere goal scorer in the league and will be counted to score some big goals. Having said that, someone needs to tell Gaborik we're at the midway part of the season and that he needs to get his ass in gear.

…one thing you do have to wonder is if the shoulder is holding him back. Whether it's still not healed or he's just afraid of re-injuring it. If the shoulder still bothers him he needs to sit out, but if he says he's healthy enough to play then he needs to suck it up and get more aggressive out there..

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