Fast Practicing; Kristo Still Learning; Wolfpack Shutout

Some good news coming from Hartford, as Wolfpack play-by-play man Bob Crawford reports that Jesper Fast is practicing in full after missing a month of game action with a sprained ankle.

…with AV losing his patience with guys like Pouliot and Pyatt, if Fast can get himself in game shape in fairly quick order, he might find himself back in New York during this home stand. Especially if JT Miller proves he's still not ready for prime time in the next few games.

Meanwhile, Wolfpack head coach Ken Gernander tells that Danny Kristo is still rounding out his game in the AHL…

"I think when he's on his game, the things he brings to the table offensively are probably NHL-worthy right now — but that's only one side of the game. He's got to learn the defensive side, squeeze some of the mistakes out of his game and do all the little things away from the puck before he's going to be someone that's challenging for a full-time job in the NHL."

…we all see Kristo's team leading 10 goals down in Hartford and wonder why he hasn't been recalled by the Rangers, but as Gernander explains, if he's just a one-dimensional player he will be exposed in the NHL.

…unless the wheels fall off this season or the Rangers are hit with a bevy of injuries, I don't think we're going to see Kristo in the NHL this season. At least not for the Rangers.

The article also had an interesting quote from Kristo on Miller…

"We play a pretty similar style game, and I think we kind of can think the game alike. He goes to the hard places on the rink that make you successful. [J.T. has] a really good head for the game and he plays hard…"

…so basically Miller does the things very few current Ranger players do. Man, I hope he can find success now that he's back up with the big club. Would hate to see him struggle and be re-assigned again. He's so much more of a complete player than a large majority of the Rangers roster.

Finally, the Wolfpack seem to be missing Miller already as they were shutout last night.

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