Every Day Staal’s Eye is Getting Better, Won’t Ever Be 100%

In a recent interview with Matt Vis of the The Chronicle-Journal (H/T HF Boards), Marc Staal gives an update on his injured eye…

“It was a tough injury, a scary injury. It could have been a lot worse with the trauma that did happen. Right now, I’m just adapting to it and every day it feels like it is getting better and becoming more natural.

“I’ve already come to terms with it not being 100 percent.”

..i really don't think Rangers fans could have asked for a better update than this. Can't imagine anyone, based on the severity of the injury, expected his eye to ever be back to 100%, so to hear his blurred vision is becoming more natural is very encouraging.

…despite my rant on Staal the other day, a partially sight impaired Marc is still better than 75% of the defenders in the league, so I'm expecting a solid year from him.

Staal added this on his time table for the upcoming season…

“The eye was causing problems after (Game 3 vs. Capitals) and didn’t feel all that comfortable while I was on the ice. I thought it was best to not continue, and I have a lot more time through the summer to get prepared and ready to go. I don’t see any problems once the season starts.”

…Staal might be feeling more comfortable with his vision, but the real test will be when camp starts. I'll be rooting for him big time as his inclusion in the line-up only makes the Rangers that much better.

Finally, during yesterday's press conference at Yankee Stadium, Dan Girardi gave us his own update on Staal (via Bergen Record)…

“We talked last week about life and the summer. He said he’s feeling great, his eye is doing well and he’s excited to get a good start. We’re excited for him.”

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