Ducks 6, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (1-3-0) lost to the Anaheim Ducks (3-1-0) by the score of 6-0, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…would it make anyone feel better if I said to relax because it's only the Rangers fourth game of the season? I didn't think so.

…seriously, I don't even know where to start. It's like these guys have never played hockey before in their lives. Defensive breakdowns like you'd see in pee wees, zero offensive pressure and I have no idea what happened to Hank. I know they're trying to learn a new system, but there's no way it should look like this much of a disaster. Have a little pride fellas.

…and the sad thing is the players wanted this. Apparently they felt playing defense was over-rated.

…a year and a half ago this team was in the Eastern Conference Finals, now they're the Columbus Blue Jackets. Literally.

…on the bright side, at least Lundqvist's contract size is diminishing with every shot on goal. The Rangers should be able to afford him by next week.

…speaking of goaltenders tonight…

…for everyone's reference, it took Trottier 54 games to get fired.

…Brassard continues to be invisible as that Arniel hire looks better and better by the minute.

…so much for Richards' historic 82-goal season.

…we interupt this recap for a reader question…

…you know guys, Avery's fashion business was shut down and I heard he's just sitting around doing nothing.

…in all seriousness, I have one word to fix all this mess: MASHINTER.

…good to see Asham and Dorsett fighting when it doesn't matter instead of after their teammate takes a head shot.

…wonder how Stepan is feeling about holding out for so long now? -3 tonight.

…at least Boyle was good on faceoffs tonight. 16-for-21.

…i'm not sure how AV can justify putting Del Zotto back in the line-up Saturday night. Expect Falk.

…got to wonder if this continues, how long it'll take for Sather to make a move. No way he can stand for this much longer. Especially when it could ultimately be his neck on the line. LOL! Yeah right.

…big spot for team leadership right here, especially with a head coach who likes to take a hands-off approach.

…off tomorrow then right back at it against another top Western Conference team in St. Louis on Saturday.

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