Ducks 2, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (6-8-0) lost to the Anaheim Ducks (12-3-1) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…as has been the case all year, lack of scoring killed this team tonight. Sather needs to start looking for scoring help and he needs to start looking now. Great defensive effort that was undone by two horrific turnovers. Team showed heart in the second half of the third period, but it was too little, too late. Need to have that hunger and aggressiveness from the opening faceoff.

…Richards might say that he's more comfortable at center, but his game has gone in the toilet since being moved off the wing and back to his nature position for the Islanders game. Easily his worst game of the season. Let's hope Richards didn't blow his load the first week of the season and this is what we're going to be subjected to for the remainder of the year.

…hurry up Sather, trade Del Zotto while his value is high.

…hoped the return of the Rangers captain would have given the team a bigger lift.

…what was Vigneault saying about Pouliot "going to the moon" sometimes the other day? Looks like that's where he was when he negated that late Rangers power play with a careless high sticking penalty.

…if AV only has the confidence to play Mashinter two minutes, why would he put him in the line-up over Miller? It seems like AV benches him every time he gets into a fight or mixes it up with someone. I just don't get it.

…since the refs obviously aren't going to call anything, teams will continue taking cheap shots on the Rangers until they start standing up for themselves. Stepan took two shots to the chin tonight without even so much as a dirty look from a Rangers teammate. Where is this team's balls?

…when teams are able to neutralize the Rangers speed coming through the neutral zone, they really have nothing. Kreider and Hagelin can't combine for zero shots of goal if this team has any chance of winning.

…so great watching AV hold onto Dorsett for dear life so he didn't do anything stupid when McDonagh hit Perry into the Rangers bench. I guess he's starting to get to know his players.

…don't want to hear anyone criticize Hank for that second goal. Palmieri absolutely shelved that thing under the bar.

…credit to reader Annoying Joe for figuring out how Pyatt somehow remains in the line-up…

…man those eyes are mesmerizing.

…obviously a much better effort against the Ducks this time around, but the Rangers should have been able to jump all over a road weary Anaheim team playing their last game of an eight-game, 15 day road trip.

…rookie goaltender shutting down the Rangers? Didn't see that coming.

…doesn't get any easier for the Rangers as the Penguins come to town on Wednesday.


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