Dubinsky, Gaborik Surprised With Drastic Changes After Rangers 2011-12 Run

Apparently, Rangers fans aren't the only ones miffed about the Rangers decision to radically alter the team after their successful run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2011-12 as both Brandon Dubinsky and Marian Gaborik addressed this issue before facing their former team for the first time last night (via Bergen Record).


"…the hardest part for me was we went from growing up together and taking a team that hadn’t made the playoffs in forever to a team that was in the conference finals and I guess when you look at it, not only my trade and sending Artie and Timmy here but I guess all of the moves as a whole, I didn’t understand it quite that they would want to bring in as many new guys after a successful season and a successful playoff run. But sometimes that’s just how New York is, they like the flash and they want the dash and they want a new toy, I guess. And that’s no disrespect to the organization because they were so great to me. But, like I said, that was the hardest part. But when you get traded for a guy like Nash, he’s one of the elite players in the league, you can’t lose sight of that, he’s one of the best players in the NHL so I understand you have to give up some assets. I feel like they wouldn’t have just given me away for nothing.”

…sounds like someone is bitter. I guess being traded from the greatest city in the world to Columbus will do that to a person.


"The run to conference final was awesome. It was fun to be part of that organization, play at MSG, for the fans. Too bad the next year turned into we had eight guys left, that was big difference to lose that many guys. It made a big difference in our game next year. No regrets.”

The two also discussed their relationship with John Tortorella and Dubinsky offered this nugget…

"I think my relationship with Torts fell apart the last year I was there and I just felt like his relationships with some of the other players could be doing the same thing so I guess that sums it up as to why I wasn’t completely surprised that (I was traded).”

Gaborik decided to keep his thoughts regarding Tortorella to himself.

…really interesting to hear the take of both these guys on the Rangers overhaul. I don't blame them for being disappointed. The ultimate goal for every player is to win the Stanley Cup. To be so close one year and then be either shipped out or see the team blown up must have been difficult.

…having said that, Dubinsky's quote regarding Torts is very telling. We all complained last season that the Rangers shipping out heart and soul guys like Dubinsky was one of the biggest reasons for the team's struggles. However if the former head coach's relationships with those players was already strained, I'm not so sure the struggles last season could have been avoided any way.

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