Dorsett Is Starting To Fill Prust Role

It's real easy to point to Chris Kreider's hat trick or Cam Talbot's goaltending as the most memorable moment of yesterday's 5-2 win over John Tortorella's Vancouver Canucks.

But to me, the best moment was after Tom "Fantasy Camp" Sestito tried to decapitate Michael Del Zotto then asked the Rangers bench what they were going to do about it, Derek Dorsett more than answered the bell for his teammate and team by doing this…

John Giannone of MSG Network reported that five seconds before the fight, Sestito had skated past the Rangers bench and whacked Rick Nash on the stick.

After the game Alain Vigneault called Dorsett the ultimate team guy, while Del Zotto acknowledged being grateful that his teammate had stuck up for him.

…i tell you what, Dorsett is filling that Prust role more and more every game. Earlier in the season, I wasn't sure if anyone on the Rangers had the guts to stickup for a teammate. Now I know without reservation that they do.

…however, the big difference between Prust and Dorsett is that Prust had Mike Rupp in the lineup to do most of the heavy lifting. Dorsett is on an island by himself out there. He shouldn't be fighting guys twice his size. Sather needs to address that.

…i don't think I can overstate how important a fight like this can be for team chemistry and comradery. Add in Justin Falk's snarl on the blueline and dare I say this team might be finally showing some toughness.

Speaking of guys who shouldn't be fighting…

…the first thing I thought when I saw this was poor Brian Boyle. Bieksa was looking for someone to take his frustrations out on and unfortunately an unsuspecting Boyle was the closest Ranger. After the Chara tussle this was that last thing Boyle needed.

…although, those lessons Boyle has been taking at the "Aaron Voros School of Fighting" seem to be paying off.

…and what's up with Bieksa drop kicking Boyle's helmet? This is hockey not WWE.

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