Do Rangers Stadium Series Shirts Give Insight Into Jersey Design?

Ever since Jim Cerny at reported this summer that the Rangers were going to have an alternate jersey for the Stadium Series games, I've eagerly been anticipating the unveiling of the new design.

Well, it looks like we might have our first insight into what the jersey might look like as the good folks at Icethetics (H/T reader Diane) posted some Stadium Series jersey t-shirts they found on Ebay…

The t-shirts for the other teams participating in the Stadium Series also have the official NHL Chrome Collection logo emblazoned on them as well.

…in a word…disappointing.

…the Winter Classic is all about the history of the game and the jerseys always reflected that. Now that Bettman has decided to destroy the uniqueness of the outdoor spectacle with the Stadium Series, he has also taken away the tradition that goes along with it as these Chrome Collection logos, shirts and likely jerseys are nothing more than a money grab. At least the Rangers Winter Classic jersey from two years ago was unique. While I assume there will be some kind of piping on the jersey, this design couldn't be anymore basic. I mean, it's the same exact logo the Rangers have always had, but shiny. Completely disgusted.

…and it's not like a killer idea would have taken that much time to design either. How about this? Cream colored Heritage Jersey? Boom!

…although I wonder if these jerseys were forced on the teams by Bettman. Ugh. Bettman typical.

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