Did the Blackhawks & Crawford Just Eff the Rangers?

…welp, for those of us hoping for a hometown discount for Lundqvist can forget it now. If Crawford is worth $6 million per, I don't even want to think about how expensive Lundqvist will be. Can you say max contract?

…i know Crawford just won a Cup, which obviously was a factor in his contract, but he's not half the goaltender Lundqvist is. Sadly, this contract along with the $7 million per deal Rask just signed proves the pay scale for goaltenders has just gone through the roof to Sather's displeasure. I can assure you that once Sather tries to play hard ball, and he will play hard ball, Lundqvist's agent is going to throw Crawford's contract right in the Rangers GM's face.

…you have to assume the 31-year old Lundqvist is guaranteed at least $8 million per now. Which is an amount I'm more than comfortable with as long as the contract length is for no longer than six years. Guys like Hasek and Thomas have proved that goaltenders can have long shelf lives, but I think the Rangers would regret the last two or three years if Hank's given an eight-year max contract. And I wouldn't even consider $10 million per as that's a lot of money to invest for a team lacking in the offensive department.

Speaking of Lundqvist, he somehow didn't make SI's recent list of most irreplaceable players in the NHL.

…HUH?!?!?!?! I'm sorry, there's not a single player in the NHL more integral to their team's success than Lundqvist. I don't think it's a stretch to say that without Lundqvist the Rangers don't qualify for the playoffs once after the 2004-05 lockout. Actually that would have put them at 13 years and counting under Sather.

Finally, Lundqvist officially staked his claim as the most interesting man in the world after tweeting out this pic of him cruising around Manhattan yesterday…

…what I'd give to be this man for just one day.

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