Despite Lack of Production Fans Still Loving Nash

Larry Brooks at the New York Post notes that despite Rick Nash's lack of production, Rangers fans are still loving him because of his workmen like effort…

"If it is clear we’ve yet to see the full kaleidoscope of Nash’s imposing game, it is equally clear that lack of production hasn’t been for a lack of trying. The winger has been involved, he has been on the puck, he has been recording shots at a rate historically consistent with his first nine years in the NHL and he has been defensively responsible."

Nash addressed his slow start in the goal scoring problem…

"I know the goals aren’t there, but that’s not a concern for me as long as I play the right way and as long as I get the opportunities. Really, it’s not bothering me.”

Despite scoring just three goals, Nash does have 44 shots on goal in the 11 games.

…great observation by Brooks. I have taken a few shots at Nash's lack of production on the blog and each time I've been scortched by a number of readers accordingly. Nash is making plays on virtually every shift and his effort cannot be questioned.To be honest, I didn't realize how physical of a player Nash is. He is far from being a primadonna superstar. He likes to get dirty, which has enamored him to Rangers fans immediately.

…reader Josh K. mentioned in last night's game recap comments section that Nash actually has the identical numbers this season as last year. And the year before his numbers were actually worse. Both those years ended with 30+ goals, so expect Nash to start finding the back of the net sooner rather than later.

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