Despite Knowledge of His Addiction, Rangers Allegedly Prescribed Boogaard 366 Pain Pills

Back in May, the family of Derek Boogaard filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the NHL as they felt the league was responsible for the physical trauma and brain damage that he sustained during six seasons as one of the league’s top enforcers, and for the addiction to prescription painkillers that marked his final two years.

Yesterday that lawsuit was made public and the allegations are startling. 

According to the lawsuit, despite Boogard's "Aftercare Program" restricting Ambien and prescription pain medications during the 2010-11 season, he received 366 pain pills from Rangers physicians, dentists, trainers and staff …

The lawsuit also states that at one Rangers practice in April of 2011, Boogaard was so impaired that he couldn't stay up on his skates and fell numerous times.

The Minnesota Wild are accused of prescribing 1,021 pain pills for Boogaard.

…wow. If these allegations prove to be true, this is disgusting negligence on the part of both the Rangers and Wild medical staffs that should not only lead to dismissals but also jail time.

…absolutely boggles my mind that the Rangers and Wild doctors could ignore those warnings and prescribe an absurd amount medications to basically a junkie. Do they even have a conscience?

…now having said that, we live in a America, so the NHL, Wild and Rangers are innocent until proven guilty, but man, just looking at the specifics of the lawsuit, it doesn't look real good for them.

To read the entire lawsuit, click here.

H/T to Pro Hockey Talk.

During the summer of 2011, The New York Rangers Blog raised $7.000 in t-shirt sales for Defending the Blueline in memory of Boogaard (Here & here).

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