Del Zotto: We Didn’t Exploit Them Down Low

For some reason the Rangers refused to play physical with the undersized Canadiens who should have been a pushover last night, especially with them playing on the second night of back-to-backs.

What makes it worse is that based on Michael Del Zotto's post game remarks it was actually their game plan going in…

"They're coming off the back-to-back. We should have been able to tire them out down low. That is the strength of our game. We felt like we could exploit them down there. We didn't do a good enough job."

…it absolutely baffles me that this team knows it needs a hard forecheck to be effective and they refuse to do it sometimes. There wasn't a more perfect night to go balls to wall and smash defenders faces into the glass. And would it kill someone to actually drive to the net? With Nash out of the line-up, other than Cally, I'm not sure there's anyone who can.

…i'm sick of looking back on last year's team, but more often than not the hardness that defined them just isn't there right now. While Asham has displayed more skill than I anticipated he has fallen flat in the energy department. Thought he'd be able to provide more of a spark out there. Especially last night.

…and how about rolling four lines Torts? You've got a tired team in front of you and the fourth line barely gets a sniff? Hate when Torts gets too top heavy. Should have used that physical line to create energy and get the rest of the team going. I mean why even call-up Mashinter? Might as well have just put Bickel at forward if he wasn't going to play the kid. Missed opportunity by Torts.

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