Del Zotto to Be Benched or Possibly Traded?

According to Larry Brooks at the New York Post, Michael Del Zotto, who played just just four shifts worth 2:59 in the third period of Thursday’s 4-2 victory in Columbus, could be in jeopardy of being benched or possibly traded due to his "unstable" and "erractic" play on the ice.

Brooks adds that while the Oilers, Flyers, Sabres and Panthers are all looking to make a deal, there likely isn't a good match in regard to Del Zotto.

To further his argument for a Del Zotto benching, Brooks notes that the blueliner has just four power play goals in his last 255 games, including just one the last three years.

Del Zotto is an arbitration eligible RFA at the end of the season.

…i think I speak for everyone in Rangers Nation when I say…

…i've always felt Del Zotto had the physical tools to be the Rangers power play quarterback for the next decade, but his game has regressed almost every season, especially on defense. Maybe if he was lighting it up on offense, the Rangers coaching staff and fans could forgive his defensive shortcomings, but as I posted above, that's just not the case.

…i was really hoping the issue with Del Zotto was Torts. That the former coach's conservative game plan was holding the young defenseman's offensive potential back. Unfortunately, as everyone else seems to be flourishing (except Pyatt) under AV's more open offense, Del Zotto is more lost than ever. Sure, he scored the other night, but that had more to do with him being in the right place at the right time than making an actual play.

…in the past I've said the problem with Del Zotto is between the ears, so maybe a change of scenery is exactly what him and the Rangers need.

…Brooks didn't mention it, but to me an interesting replacement would be McIlrath, who continues to progress in the AHL and could bring some much needed snarl and toughness currently missing from the Rangers lineup.

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