Del Zotto Seeking Contract Worth More Than $3 Million Per

Katie Strang at reports that Michael Del Zotto was previously seeking a multiyear deal for more than $3 million a year. Strang adds that  it is not immediately clear if that stance has softened given the time-sensitive situation and Del Zotto's lack of leverage.

Here's Del Zotto on getting a deal done…

"I'm hoping to get something done as soon as possible," Del Zotto said. "I know my agents and Glen (Sather) are talking and I expect that they'll try to get a deal that's fair to me and the team.

"It's not a normal circumstance obviously with half the season gone already but it's the same situation as before. We're just trying to get a deal that's fair for both sides," Del Zotto added. "I know I'm ready to play as soon as possible."

Del Zotto was a participant in the Rangers optional practice yesterday, but said it had nothing to do with his confidence that a deal will get done.

…more than $3 million per?!?!?!?! More than $3 million per?!?!?!?!?! Is this guy out of his mind? To be fair, that was his asking price before the lockout and his demands will likely go down due to the reasons Strang mentioned above. I can see this getting done for around $2.5 million per, which I still think is too much.

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