Could Messier Leave Rangers Organization?

According to Glen Sather, the decision to hire Alain Vigneault might put Mark Messier's future with the Rangers in doubt (via New York Post)…

“I don’t really know what Mark is going to do. He was very disappointed when I called to tell him that we were going to hire Alain.

“He said he wanted to take a few days and would call me, but we haven’t spoken since.”

…it's very rare that I criticize "The Captain," but I find it laughable that he could be all that disappointed in the decision. I could understand if Messier put in the time as the head coach with the Wolf Pack or maybe another organization and was passed over, but he's done nothing to build his head coaching resume other than a few games with Team Canada in meaningless tournaments. Maybe instead of being Sather's gopher, he should have proved he was serious about becoming an NHL coach and gotten the required experience.

…my hope is that he takes time to reflect on what he really wants and if it's to be a NHL head coach asks Sather for a position with the Wolf Pack or reaches out to other organizations for a better opportunity. Just because he wasn't chosen now doesn't mean his dream of becoming the Rangers head coach is over. He just has to prove he's serious about it.

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