Could Bickel Be Recalled Today?

Yesterday on Twitter, I had a conversation with Leslie Treff of Hockey's Future who says that while it's not completely out of the question that Dylan McIlrath could be recalled during Marc Staal's absence with a "neck"injury, the more likely person summoned from Hartford is Stu Bickel. Which she said could happen as early as today.

Treff adds that McIlrath still needs to improve positioning and decision making and would benefit from playing the entire season with the Wolfpack on the top pair with Aaron Johnson.

…i know the Rangers need toughness, but I'm not sure Bickel is the answer. While most Rangers fans forget he had a pretty solid rookie season until that ill-fated giveaway against the Senators in the playoffs, he has proved to be nothing more than a pylon since.

…as most readers of this blog have noted, the Rangers need more than just an enforcer, they need a skilled player with some sand paper to their game, who isn't afraid to mix it up with the big boys. And Bickel does not fit that description.

…a bit disheartening to hear Treff's analysis on McIlrath, but if teams continue to take liberties with Rangers players without even a morsel of response, I'm not sure Sather & co. will have any choice but to bring the kid up.

…one other note on the team's lack of physicality. I think the Rangers have really missed the presence of Dorsett in the lineup recently. He's the only guy who plays with any kind of edge and without him this team is softer than Charmin.

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