Clowe Injury: Hand or Concussion?

Upon hearing Ryane Clowe would not return to last night's Game 5 after being face planted into the boards by Jason Chimera, I think all of us assumed it was another concussion.

But a closer look at the aftermath shows it might actually be a hand or wrist injury.

Here's video of the hit (via Pro Hockey Talk)…

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While the initial thought process from the guys at NBC Sports was concussion, what they didn't notice was that immediately after the hit, Clowe was checking out his hand…

And if you watch his next shift, he seems completely fine and alert. Not dazed or lethargic…

And finally, while I usually feel that watching the game on MSG is far superior to NBC Sports, last night Pierre and the boys had the better of it as apparently they continuously showed Clowe on the bench shaking his hand before leaving for the locker room…

…while the exact injury will never be announced by the Rangers, it's looking more like a hand malady than a concussion, which could be looked at two ways. First, obviously it's great that he likely didn't suffer another concussion which besides the immediate loss, could have had long term implications on Clowe and his future with the Rangers. On the other hand (no pun intended), the alternative is further proof that Clowe might be a little injury prone. Which seems appropriate considering the type of game he plays.

…best case scenario for the Rangers is that he just strained it, but for him to actually be pulled from the game has me concerned it could be something more serious.

…Rangers really missed Clowe, as they were a completely different team after the injury. Much less aggressive and physical. No presence in front of Holtby for the remainder of the game. Not saying they're doomed without him in Game 6 because they proved in Game 3 at the Garden they can win without him, but won't be easy.

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