Clowe Goes Through Contact Drills; Nash, Powe Not on Ice

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record adds that Clowe did some contact drills today.

…i'm still in shock Clowe didn't play last night, but happy to see the Rangers being cautious with him.

…hoping he'll be ready for Game 4 tomorrow and give the Rangers the same kind of lift Staal did last night.

Gross also notes that the Rangers did not provide an update on Darroll Powe, who likely suffered a concussion last night.

…i've said it since the Rangers acquired Powe, he pretty much gets drilled every game. Someone needs to teach him to play with his head up. I guess Clowe takes Powe's spot if he's ready.

…as far as Nash's maintenance day, I'll believe the Rangers that it actually is just that. But with the lack of power in his skating stride, I wouldn't be surprised if he had some kind of lower body injury. Assuming knee into the boards at the end of second period didn't help.

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