Canucks Interview Tortorella

A day after hearing that the Dallas Stars might be interested in the services of John Tortorella, Ben Kuzma at The Province reports that the former Rangers head coach had an interview with the Vancouver Canucks about their vacancy yesterday.

The Rangers gave the Canucks permission to speak with Tortorella.

…is Tortorella glutton for punishment? The New York media is a walk in the park compared to what he'd face in Vancouver. At least in New York, the Rangers are buried in the sports page. In Vancouver, Torts is going to find himself and his antics with the media on the back page more often than not.

…i'm also not sure how Tortorella's in your face style would play on a veteran team like the Canucks. To me it has all the makings of what happened to Bobby Valentine with the Red Sox last year. The veterans, who had seen a ton of success in Boston, disagreed that the team needed to be shaken up and sent a message to Red Sox management by giving up on Valentine. And if you don't believe me, here's what Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa said recently when asked about coaching candidates…

“I don’t think we need somebody to come in a crack the whip. We can work together toward a common goal. I still believe in this team and that the core can win and that we’re young enough to win. We’re more mature and even-keeled and maybe it (coach’s rant) is appropriate on rare occasions, but every coach has his own strategy and opinions on how they should act.”

…yeah, sounds like they'd welcome Torts with open arms up in the "Great Northwest."

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