Canadiens 3, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (8-6-1) lost to the Montreal Canadiens (11-4-1) by the score of 3-1, tonight. For a box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

…first the Nash injury. I hate to speculate a concussion, but it's really looking that way. I know he's played since the Lucic hit, but as we know with Staal, concussions are tricky.

…to the game. Meh. As my buddy fleisch14 texted me, where's Mets Classics when you need it. Listen, you can't win every game and they were playing without their best player. I'd be a lot more worried if Nash was in the line-up. Although, he better be back soon or it could get ugly around here real quick.

…guess Richards was playing too hard again.

…what was that the Avalanche were saying about an O'Reilly for Del Zotto trade?

…instead of studying tape of their own power play, maybe Torts should have them studying tape of the Blackhawks'.

…you know who the Rangers could have used tonight? Too easy.

…wonder if Bickel left a book for Mashinter on the bench to entertain him. Actually, he looked pretty solid in limited minutes.

…and Montreal just iced the puck again. Oh wait, no they didn't the linesman waived it off.

..thought Kreider was better. Used his body more. Still needs to be more aggressive, too passive.

…man, I hate that third line. No coincidence that Miller's game has suffered since that line was created.

…Boyle has 19 hits in the three games since returning to the line-up. Hitting everything but the back of the net right now.

…maybe Nash isn't the reason for Hagelin and Stepan's resurgence. Thought both looked solid tonight. Sick pass from Stepan to Stralman. I bet O'Reilly can't make a pass like that.

…scary moment watching Lundqvist laboring after taking a PK Subban bomb off the shoulder. Meanwhile, shots from Rangers defensemen feel like butterfly kisses on opposing goaltenders.

…i know the game was beyond painful to watch tonight, but wow you could hear a pin drop at the Garden during that one. Guess that's what happens when the real fan is priced out.

…off tomorrow then on to Ottawa Thursday night.

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