Callahan Has Had A Plethora of Injuries

It's beyond frustrating to see a player who gives maximum effort on every shift get injured as often as Ryan Callahan does.

Not only does Callahan's passion and energy help spark the Rangers to victory, he has one of the most under-rated skill sets in the NHL.

But it does the Rangers no good when he's spending large portions of the regular season and sometimes the playoffs sitting in the press box nursing another injury.

So how many injuries has the Rangers Captain had since 2010? (via Pro Hockey Talk)…

…it really isn't fair. He's one of the few players on the Rangers capable of playing "the right way" and he's back on the shelf for the third time in just 32 games this season.

…which is why for that reason, and that reason alone, the Rangers CANNOT offer Callahan anything longer than a four year extension. Not only do the Rangers need to be concerned about the plethora of injuries, there's a good chance all the bumps and bruises he's received over the year will catch-up to him sooner rather than later the way it did for Drury.

…we've already seen this season, when Callahan isn't able to play at 100% he isn't nearly as effective of a player.

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