Callahan/Hagelin Have Surgery to Repair Torn Labrum

Update, 4:40 p.m.:
Got to wonder if the gruesome injury Callahan sustained back in January in his fight with Max Talbot was the cause….

…guess it was more than just a shoulder subluxation. Not sure if this is when the injury occurred but if he basically played the entire season with a torn labrum…wow, just wow.

Original Post:
The Rangers have announced that both Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin underwent successful surgeries to repair torn labrums in their left shoulders.

Jim Cerny says that the recovery time will likely be 4-5 months and that they'll likely miss training camp and possibly start of next season. This is the same surgery Marian Gaborik had and his return time was more like six months.

Hagelin is an RFA.

…i know Rangers fans want everyone on the team to be exactly like Callahan, but this isn't what we meant.

…i guess we all know why Hagelin stunk on the power play this year. Wonder how this will affect his contract negotiations.

…should be some interesting head coach interviews now. Sather: "Oh by the way, our heart and soul captain along with a rising young player will miss all of camp and maybe the beginning of the season. So you interested?"

…in all seriousness, we all saw how Gaborik struggled this season after coming off of the exact same surgery so this isn't what Rangers fans probably want to hear coming on the heels of the disappointing loss to the Bruins.

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