Callahan Does What A Captain Should Do

With the Rangers sitting at 1-4 and their season ready to spiral into the abyss, Ryan Callahan did what he always does, put on his hard hat and went to work.

His final stat line: 1 goal, +1, six shots on goal, two blocked shots and five hits.

Oh and that goal? Pretty eff'n sweet…

The Rangers captain has never been a vocal leader, but if you're a teammate who can't be inspired by an effort like that, you need to be shown the door.

And I say it all the time, but Callahan easily has the most under-rated skill set in the NHL. Not many players have the hand-eye coordination to pull that move off.

So now, with the Rangers players finally finding their bearings after a treacherous trip to start the season, they can begin to feel good about themselves and the direction of the team thanks to their captain.

Oh yeah, that Lundqvist guy might have had a hand in the victory as well.

Here's Brad Richards on last night's performance…

“We were a lot more in synch in our defensive zone and the neutral zone, and we were getting those little chip-ins behind their D so we could get in on them with speed that’s tough to handle.”

Marc Staal…

“It felt like night and day, more or less. We looked a lot more coherent in the defensive zone. We were on the same page.”

Henrik Lundqvist…

“It felt like we came in with a lot of confidence, knowing we could beat them. Our timing was good, we were blocking shots.

“We did all the little things [correctly]. It was good to see.”

All quotes via New York Post.

…as Adam mentioned in his game recap, last night's effort seemed a lot like what we witnessed under Tortorella. Packing it in on defense, blocking shots and a tough forecheck. I give AV a ton of credit for making the proper adjustments that allowed the Rangers to succeed. Which was something the Rangers former coach did not do enough of and ultimately led to his firing.

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