Bylsma Could Go to Top of Rangers List; Expect to Talk With Ruff

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says if the Penguins decide to fire Dan Bylsma after the Penguins are inevitably eliminated by the Bruins, he would immediately vault to the top of the Rangers head coach vacancy list.

Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero would have to grant the Rangers permission to speak with Bylsma who is under contract with the Penguins until next summer.

…wow, now I'm really rooting for a Bruins sweep.

…not getting to the Stanley Cup Finals will be a huge disappointment for the Penguins, so it's not hard to believe Bylsma would be on the chopping block. I'd say I doubt it happens, but I also thought there was no way Torts was getting fired and we all know how that ended up.

…as far as Bylsma goes, I really became a fan of his after watching the Penguins/Capitals 24/7 show on HBO. I love his energy and passion, while at the same time being able to stay cool under pressure. Obviously, he has also proven he can handle a team with multiple stars. The Penguins performance against the Bruins is a bit concerning, but I can't pin that entirely on Bylsma as the Penguins line-up, which got older with their trade deadline moves, looks just that, old. Mediocre goaltending in the postseason the last few years doesn't help either.

…not sure Shero would allow the Rangers permission to talk with Bylsma, but I'd love to see him on the short list.

Brooks also adds that the Rangers are expected to ask for permission to speak with Lindy Ruff and that Alaine Vigneault is believed to have the inside track on the job.

…had been wondering about the Rangers interest level in Ruff. While I'm not the biggest fan, I feel he deserves to at least be interviewed.

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