Bruins to Create Traffic In Front of Lundqvist

It's obvious that if the Bruins want to beat the Rangers they're going to have to go through Henrik Lundqvist. And their GM Peter Chiarelli  thinks the best way to do that is by creating traffic in front (via Bruins Daily)…

“We’re talking about traffic. We’re talking about net front and we’re talking about getting pucks deep. Really, it’s a simple recipe and I think you could probably canvas all of these press conferences and with the questions to GM’s, you would probably hear a lot of the same film. He’s a big goalie. He’s been really good against us. You’ve got to move him around. You’ve got to get traffic and get pucks on him.”

…going to be on the Rangers defensemen to drive guys like Lucic and Horton away from the front of the net to open up the lanes for Lundqvist to see Chara bombs from the point.

…it's also going to be imperative that the forwards get out to the points to make sure they're blocking those big point shots as well. Wonder if the Rangers are issuing Iron Man like body armor to their players as an additional precaution against Chara breaking another player's leg…

Here's Dan Girardi on boxing out the Bruins forwards (via…

‘‘Box them out before they get (near the goal) so they can’t provide a screen. If we can’t box them out, the biggest thing is getting (at) their sticks. Hankie is going to stop that shot if he sees it. We have to do a good job of letting Hankie see those first shots, make sure there’s no tips.’’

John Tortorella said this about the possibility of backing off shot blocking strategy because of Chara…

‘‘Anything they can get to, they’re going to block. If they have a chance to block a shot, they are going to block a shot. Everybody.’’

…wonder if any of the new guys read this Torts quote and were like "you want me to stand in front of who's shot?"

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