Bruins 3, Rangers 2

Chara scores winner in Bruins' 3-2 victory

The New York Rangers (13-13-0) lost to the Boston Bruins (17-7-2) by the score of 3-2, today. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…through two periods I was really loving this Rangers team. They scored goals driving to the net and with traffic in front. They were sticking up for one another and standing up to Lucic. Then the third period started and it all came crashing down. I know it was the final day of their five game road trip, but they have to suck it up and finish that game.

…if the last two games haven't showed you how important a solid power play is, I don't know what will. Won them a game in Florida they probably shouldn't have and was one of the biggest reasons for the loss today.

…since I don't have the words in my vocabulary to describe how awesome that Nash goal was, here's the video…

…it's funny, we all complained about how the Rangers couldn't create chemistry with Torts always mixing up the lines, now AV is sticking with some of them for too long. How painfully ironic.

…in the past, we've always wondered where the Rangers would be without Lundqvist. Well, I guess now we know, because the guy wearing his jersey this season is not him.

…Staal on the verge of rivaling Del Zotto for worst Rangers defenseman, with Girardi on both their tails.

…that's usually a game Callahan thrives in. Not so much today.

…i give Boyle all the credit in the world for sticking up for Pyatt and fighting Chara, but it only exacerbates the need for a big, bruising forward on this team, who can throw down.

…becoming a bigger Falk fan by the day. Earned a ton of points in my book for standing up to Lucic and clearing out the crease all afternoon. If AV us looking to get Del Zotto back in the lineup tomorrow, I'd rather see Staal watching than Falk.

…what's the old saying, you are what your record says you are. Well that makes the Rangers a very mediocre team right now. I really don't think they need to make a trade for goal scoring, because they're generating chances, they're just not finishing. What they need to add is toughness. Sure, I liked a lot of what they did physically today, but it's just not enough if they want to make a serious run at the Cup. Since it's not very likely Chris Neil will be available, I think Sather needs to do whatever he can to obtain Steve Ott from Buffalo. Brings a physical element the Rangers just don't have, plus the 31-year old is in the final year of his contract.

…no time to dwell on this one, as our old friend Torts and the Canucks visit MSG tomorrow afternoon. Wonder if there will be a video montage of his greatest post game quotes.


Alain Vigneault was not happy with his team's effort (via Bergen Record)…

“We got exactly what we deserved,” said Vigneault, nixing the notion this was a lost opportunity for the Rangers. “We had too many guys with their B game on the ice against a Stanley Cup finalist, a team that was obviously not happy with their performance (after a 6-1 loss to the Red Wings). We came in here, I thought, with a lot on the line and should have been very motivated. We could have made this a real solid road trip instead of making it an OK road trip (3-2-0). Too many guys, their execution and their compete level…we got exactly what we deserved. We didn’t deserve to come out of here with a win and we didn’t.”

He added…

“Our lack of consistency has been an ongoing issue here with a few of our players and we’re a .500 hockey team right now,” Vigneault said. “And that’s definitely not good enough.”

…preach on AV. What the newspapers didn't report is that AV gave them orange slices and read them a story after the game.

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Bruins 3, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (10-8-1) lost to the Boston Bruins (10-5-1) by the score of 3-2, tonight. Forrecap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

…first off I’d like to apologize for the comment section in the open game night thread not working tonight. Not sure what happened.

…as far as the game goes, despite the loss I was happy with the effort and if it wasn’t for Thomas the Rangers probably end up with a better fate tonight.

…two mistakes with the puck and two goal for the Bruins. Rangers need to have better decision making in both cases

…i don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I’m very excited about Stepan’s performance with Gaborik tonight.

…speaking of Gaborik, is this guy all world or what?

…i know everyone is going to make a big deal about the Rangers failure, once again, on a 5-on-3 but I didn’t think they looked that bad and all but had a goal when Thomas was able to stop Callahan on the doorstep. Don’t forget Dubinsky also shanked one with a wide open net off an awesome pass from Stepan.

…Lundqvist has been giving up some pretty soft goals this season. He needs to clean that up.

…not a very All Star like game from our write-in candidate.

…really liked the Heritage jerseys tonight.

…why in the world did EC pass up on an open net? Cost him a spot on the top line.

…i thought Boogaard was back in the lineup tonight? 😉

…off tomorrow then three games in four nights starting in Colorado on Friday.

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