Breakup Day News, Notes & Quotes

Today officially marks the end of yet another unsuccessful season for the New York Rangers in their quest for hockey's holy grail. While not everything about this season should be looked at in a negative light, it marks the next step in the process of a team that will (at least in my opinion) be right back to, if not much further than they finished this season.

Rick Nash:

uhhh….. what?
Seriously, a player of Rick Nash's caliber doesn't go from what he did in the regular season to basically evaporating come playoff time. Somethings amiss…

Brad Richards:

Absolutely inexcusable for a guy whose salary is second highest in the NHL fail to prepare and train for the season even through the lockout which could've ended at any time. His contract puts the club in a pretty pickle if he ultimately stays aboard and manages to avoid being bought out.

Brian Boyle:

Boyle wasn't involved in lockout talks to my knowledge, what's his excuse for not preparing himself?

Dan Girardi:

Although his play suffered in the Boston series, what a warrior Dan is. Forget about Robert Downey Jr., Dan Girardi is Iron Man.

Ryane Clowe:

Clowe made a salary of $4 million dollars this past season, unless he's willing to come back for around 2.5, there will simply be no cap room for him due to the RFA's the team has to sign…. Speaking of those guys….

Derek Stepan:

Nice to hear Stepan wants to be a Ranger lifer. His game took a tremendous leap forward, now to replicate that with a full season and a new contract will be a challenge.

Ryan McDonagh:

Long term, big money for Mactruck. I'm thinking he gets something similar but slightly more than Staal.

Marc Staal:

I know I'm not the only one getting Bryan Berard flashbacks. After all the health issues he's dealt with over the last two seasons, to have him play at the level he's very capable of to start next season would be miraculous.

Henrik Lundqvist:

A lot to take from this… Henrik is a competitor, first and foremost. He's going to go where he thinks he has the best chance to win a cup. He knows the money is going to be there, as any 30 teams wouldn't hesitate to make him the highest paid goaltender in the history of the NHL. It is a pretty major life choice he is going to have to make between now and July 1, 2014 and I would expect him to take his time. After all, the NHL is a business and after the lockout we, as fans, should be very accustom to this.

John Tortorella:

Tortorella's job has been discussed at length quite a bit here and I think its safe to say a majority of fans want him out. Considering the short-falls of the club, he has directed the Rangers to 15 playoff victories over the past two seasons. He will be back for another go in October. But if the Rangers issues with scoring and power play woes continue to plague the team into next year and team is mired in inconsistent mediocrity again, the axe will likely fall on Torts.

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